5 Great Boating Communities In Naples Florida

For years you dreamed of owning a boat and a home in Naples, and now you are ready to make it happen. Where should you start your search for the best boating communities in Naples, Florida? Here are a few of our favorite boat friendly communities.

Royal Harbor – East Side of Naples

Royal Harbor is one of the popular boating communities due to its no bridge access to the ocean. This makes it an ideal location for owners of sailboats. You get access to the bay via Gordon Pass. Royal Harbor offers both bay front homes and many homes with excellent views of the bay. You are just minutes away from Ten Thousand Islands, so a great area to start your boating explorations.

The Conners at Vanderbilt Beach

What makes The Conners special is its mix of boating friendly life and access to a great entertainment area. You can spend the day boating then come home and enjoy a great dinner at a local restaurant, catch a movie, or do a little shopping. The Conners accesses the Gulf via canals through Wiggins Pass. Your boat must be under 20’ tall to pass under the bridge. Do you want to spend a little leisurely time boating without going into the Gulf? You can cruise along the bay to Fort Myers Beach through the bay waters.

Aqualane Shores

Aqualane Shores has a modern appeal even though the community has roots back to 1949. The deep canals offer easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. Aqualane Shores is located at the south end of Naples. It is located near the Third Street and Fifth Avenue shopping areas which are filled with great restaurants, unique stores, and great entertainment. You and your family can walk to the beach in just a few minutes from your home in Aqualane Shores.

The Moorings

The Moorings offers a more mature setting with large trees providing shade and quiet streets for relaxing family time in the community. The Moorings provides access to the Gulf of Mexico through Doctors Pass. The city has over 4000 homes, so it is a great place to start your hunt for a boating community home. Moorings Bay is an ideal location for your family to enjoy kayaking and paddle boating. This quiet community offers easy access to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. The Moorings is tucked between Coquina Sands and Park Shore.

Port Royal

If you love boating, Port Royal may be your ideal community. Port Royal is surrounded by water with the Gulf on the west side, Naples Bay is on the east side, and Gordons Pass on the south. The community has around 400 homes and easy access to the water is provided by canals. The western side of Port Royal offers beautiful sandy beaches for an invigorating morning jog or relaxing sunset strolls. You are just across the bay from the beautiful Naples Botanical Garden.

These five boating communities offer some of the finest living in Naples, Florida. Take some time to explore each of these communities and discover which one fits your lifestyle.

What is SEO and How SEO Works to Benefit a Golf Course

SEO is on the tip of every online marketer’s tongue these days, and the Golf industry has not been left out. Nevertheless, not everyone is sure of how Search Engine Optimization can help the golf industry or what SEO is.

To address these and other questions, this following article from https://gggmarketing.com/boca-raton/seo-services/ will provide an overview of Golf search engine optimization. Who needs this and what can be done for your situation and online presence.

What is SEO?

Let’s begin with the first question: What is SEO? Some might say online marketing is only a fad. Others talk in the cryptic language of backlinks, colored hats, and all kind of Search Engine wizardry. The fact that practices and trends in SEO are constantly changing does little to unshroud the mystery of SEO.

But skipping over all the details of how it works, it is easiest to understand SEO and how it can benefit a golf industry is by first looking at the common goals of an SEO campaign and how these are accomplished.

-Search Engine Optimization

The major search engines have an important task of delivering information to their users according to the search terms mentioned. When an avid golfer enters their search query into the search box at Google, Bing or Yahoo, the search engine looks through its index and provides the most relevant results possible.

SEO is the science and art of improving the relevance of a particular online presence in the indexes of the search engines for a specific set of search terms. In other words, convincing Google, Bing, Yahoo and others that your website is more relevant than those of your competitors in terms that best describe your golf course, services or products.

Simple enough, right? An effective SEO campaign will decide which businesses in the golf industry get more attention from the online market and all the positive cash flow that can accompany this advantage.

Does Every Golf Course Website Need SEO?

With the advent of internet convenience being greatly improved by the rise of mobile popularity, the search engines have had an increasingly larger role in a majority of consumer decisions. A recent study showed that 97% of all Americans would consult online source before acquiring goods or services.

Even more important is that the online consumer has a predilection for choosing the items at the top of the list. For better or worse, if a consumer sees a golf course, club or ball that ranks higher in the search rankings than other options, they are more likely to assume that higher ranking product is superior — at least in search results, if not popularity, quality and even prestige.

Which brings us to our question: Do all golf courses need an online presence powered by dedicated SEO services? The answer, it depends. The vast majority of golf courses will do fine with only basic SEO work. While others will want to throw their marketing efforts in pursuit of a top-notch SEO campaign, what is the difference? Competition.

For example, a golf course located in the beautiful town of Fremont Nebraska will probably be experiencing a very small amount of competition. Which means that the search terms a golfer would use to find this golf course, i.e. “golf course Fremont” would have virtually no competition. Therefore, the SEO work they would need would be simply keeping the web page organized and functional. There will be little need for the aggressive campaign until new golf courses begin opening.

However, if the golf course in question is located in Orlando, Florida, the situation is different. With over 40+ golf courses in the area, competition is high and getting ahead in the search results will take professional skills and aggressive techniques. This is when the dedicated service of an SEO agency will go along way in cornering a portion of the golf market.

How does SEO Help My Golf Operation Grab More Clients?

There is a common misconception about what SEO can do. Some people assume that once you sign on with an SEO expert, 1000s of new visitors will be visiting your site for the weekend. While great and dynamic results are very possible, this is not what SEO is all about.

SEO is not about increasing the traffic to your website a positioning your online presence to be visible to your target clientele. It is this precision approach to marketing that makes SEO a more effective tool than conventional advertising that markets to the masses.

SEO works to find the specific search terms or “keywords” that your clients will use to find you. This way your options will be presented to the clients who will most likely convert into paying customers. This is what is meant when SEO specialists speak of “targeted traffic’. It means that these customers have already made their intentions and interests known, all that is left is to present them with options they can’t refuse.

This is the difference between finding top quality SEO and Poor quality SEO. You may find Poor SEO provides lots of traffic from random keywords, but there is no guarantee these visitors are even interested in your services or products. Only quality SEO delivers top notch results.

In conclusion

The takeaway here is that more and more customers will be looking into their golfing options across online sources and all golf courses should be aware of this. For those with less competition, simply addressing the function and aesthetics of your site will make your business look professional and respectable when your clients come along. You may want to consider mobile accessibility, accurate information and quality content to keep you viewers engaged and coming back.

For those golf courses operating in highly competitive areas a more aggressive campaign will be in order. Having a proper SEO audit can provide you with a good perspective of your online presence about that of your competitors. This is the first step in improving your visibility online and clueing you into what the next step will be.

In the end, no SEO campaign is like any other. The best results come from SEO experts that provide a unique approach to matching your online presence with the customers looking for you. There will be link building, keyword ranking and never forget to your Social Media Presence. Talk to your nearest SEO consultant for more information.

Tips On Hitting Your Driver Straight

The most significant shot in golf now is hitting the driver. It has been the classic belief that putting is the more useful shot when compared to the drive. Statistically we’ve discovered that the driver is now the most significant shot. The reason why it’s considered as the most crucial shot is simply because everything is set up here. When a long drive hits on target, you are now in a perfect position to make your 2nd shot to land on the green in regulation, which makes it a crucial shot. The most inaccurate clubs in the bag is the problem with hitting the driver straight. Due to its long shaft and low loft, the driver is recognized as an inaccurate club in the bag. A longer shaft means that you have to be extra accurate and low loft means that any spin that you put on the ball will be overstated. You already has a pattern in learning how to hit the driver straight however you can use the clues that we’ll give to you.

The basic principles of hitting the driver is the first thing that we are going to discuss. Golf grip is our first lesson. How does your grip help your shot? Figure out when you have a grip that is familiar when you got your golf club. YouTube along with other site has videos that may help you to for, a proper golf grip. We advise you to select a neutral to strong grip. Most of golfers hit the ball to the right because of their grips. The next thing you need to look at is the way that you align yourself to the ball. Aligning yourself up is essential for you to succeed in hitting the ball straight. This may not sound crucial to you, but not spending enough time concentrating on their alignment will fail you in hitting the ball straight, that is normally done by amateur golfers. You will feel upset not knowing that you’re really lining up to the right. This is exactly what right-handed golfers often do and wonder why they lose the ball towards the right. You might have to angle yourself in to the ball slightly towards the left to hit straight.

Another essential factor is impact dynamics. In the game of golf, this is the subject that you must not take for granted. The first thing that you have heard but that you probably don’t do is hit up on the golf ball when you are utilizing a driver. You would like to hit up on the golf ball because you want to come into the ball with a high launch angle. Your distance increases when the ball comes with a high launch angles and spinning off the ball. This will take the side spin off the ball, making it inaccurate. The question here’s how will you able to hit up the golf ball without tracing a linear path? When amateur golfers are told to hit up on the golf ball, they trace a straight line path leaving the clubface open and sending the golf ball off to the right. The truth about hitting up on the golf ball is that you must go back to the term that we talked about earlier known as delivery path. By swinging a little bit outwards, you’re giving your self a favor. The driver is designed to work by hitting the ball longer and straighter, thus you have to swing outward and upward at the same time. This will shallow out your golf swing as well as enables you to hit the upward swing angle that is needed in creating correct impact dynamics.

Guideline For Newbies On How to Hit Irons In Golf

It’s proven that all golfers ideally like to hit a drive off the tee and through the treetops towards the targeted hole. Long drives will not make a point if you don’t understand how to sink a putt, but long drives are so great to apply with your new acquaintances. Long shots with a wood is not as essential as performing a short shot with an iron. It may look so simple but for beginners, it’s probably among the hardest shot to play. The information provided in this article will help you regarding how to efficiently hit irons in a shot.

Step #1: Proper Posture As well as Body Position

The proper set up of the body such as proper posture as well as alignment is the initial step to an effective hit. One common error many newbie golfers make is the bending of the body. The majority of inexperienced golf players makes a bend from the back over the club rather than at the waist. This will definitely affect the trajectory negatively and will result in a great muscle pain in the back. Keep a straight back but not rigid in playing golf. Tilt your body by the waist and also allow a swing through your hips. It is important that you maintain an even position over your feet to ensure that you remain balanced throughout the swing.

Step #2: Ball Placement

In setting up iron shot, ball positioning is among the most overlooked aspect. Long drives is the most considered position by a lot of golfers but short shot is also crucial. The position we’re dealing with here is concerning the position according to your body set up. The ball being not farther back on the sternum and not far enough beyond your left armpit is the appropriate ball and body position. One mistake beginners make is playing the shot too far forward resulting in poor slices as well as putts. Make an effort to hit the ball again and this time with your sternum straightened out, if the ball heads into the ground when hit.

Step #3: The Takeaway Position

The takeaway position refers back to the method by which the club is retracted and hit through. Takeaway contributes drastically to the swing and its success, that is why it’s an essential position. The tactic used when hitting with an iron is the 2-8-2 rule. The first Two in the rule is the first two inches in a takeaway in which the club travels straight back. The body should move as one. The “8” refers to the eight inches when in the club curves in an upward direction but with out moving the wrists. At twelfth inches, the wrist turns and place the shaft in a horizontally position to the ground. The shoulders must be tight and also the hands must be in shoulder level. Right after forming this takeaway, follow through along the target line and engage the ball with a square iron face.

Step #4: You need to Consider the Course

It is also essential to consider the layout of the swing. Any changes while executing a swing or takeaway, would be due to the surface of the ground where it is being executed. Complete a downswing exactly where the ball will fall towards the hole if the ground makes a downhill slope. For example, a green with a slight downhill would be best performed at a slight curve to allow for gravitational pull. It’s best to get rid of any obstructions to have a greater shot.

Learning The Way to Hit Fairway Wood Off The Deck

Golf is not just an ordinary, simple kind of game. Golf is a multi skilled game and you know that if you’re golfing. You need to learn how to play several games as well as develop multiple skills so as to play better in golf. The various skills you’ll take are hitting with a driver, an iron and fairway wood. This article will teach you how a fairway wood must be hit off the ground. You’ll definitely understand how challenging it is to hit a fairway wood off of the deck once you have tried it. You might have hit the ground behind the ball or the ball you sent is low and not sufficient just to get off the ground. You are not proud of those shots, which is usually experienced by a lot of golfers. To learn how to hit a fairway wood off the ground, getting the bottom of the fairway wood to skid off the ground before the ball must be learned as well.


What I’m speaking about is true because you must use a procedure which is distinct when you hit an iron for you to hit a fairway wood off of the ground. With iron shots we are taught to hit down on the ball and also to leave a divot right in front of it. However with the fairway wood they are made to skid off the surface of the ground and to hit the ball in that matter. A more shallow angle attack is performed when you use a fairway wood. One thing that you should practice to master the art of hitting a fairway wood off the deck is to practice simply bumping the ground slightly. Keep in mind that you must not concentrate on hitting the ball, but regarding how to hit the sole of the club off the ground lightly.

Making use of fairy woods, you should know how to lightly brush the ground. Learn how to sweep the ground as you go through the ball. Discover how to create a very shallow angle of attack. Nowadays, the fairway wood has stopped being practice since most individuals make use of to hit the ball farther. Plenty of golf players rarely must take a shot with fairway wood because of the modern golf clubs and the modern ball. Having said that, this is only made by expert golfers mainly because amateur golf players cannot hit the ball far. The women’s tour is one professional golf league where fairway woods are being utilized. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use fairway woods because you are a man. If you can’t beat a top female expert golfer, then there’s no way that you are too good to use a fairway wood.

The goal is to shoot the lowest score as possible and it doesn’t matter what tools you utilize to do that. In case your manhandling a pitching wedge to hit a 150 yard approach shot or when you are utilizing a 7 wood to hit a 210 yard shot, it won’t make sense at all. The goal is to acquire the ball on the green within as few strokes as possible so that you can make an easy put.

You could hit the shot by practicing the skills being sorted out in this article. Knowing how to sweep action while slightly brushing the ground with the bottom of the club is your way to effectively hitting a fairway wood off the ground. This would be a very easy motion for you when you find out how it is finished. It is just difficult at first because you do not have the skills or the knowledge. But once you develop that sweeping action you will be able to hit your fairway wood from any lie that the course provides you.

Easy Suggestions To Gradually Improve Your Driving Distance

Maybe you have been fascinated in elegant sports or made an effort to play and had a couple of remarkable drives in a range or course that’s why you are looking over this. The real trick would be to make that impressive driving distance each and every time – or at best most of the time.

Mastering the long range drive is possibly the toughest golf shot. It needs a pointy goal and enough energy to drive the ball over a great distance and also the grand masters will struggle with this specific move on occasion.


The best thing in order to enhance your overall performance in key shot, you need to practice routinely. Furthermore, you must be aware of the various factors that come along with the intro of long drive that is well performed.

For you to be able to improve your performance, you have to deal with persistently the Information of the Long-range Drive which are listed below.

Warming Up

Many golfers commonly get lost in track because they simply ignored the value of heat up. Not only can lack of warm up create problems like injury and also lack of stamina, but far more long lasting problems like the lack of grace in technique, progression of improper habits and finally frustration as well as giving up on the whole game – more’s the pity.

Consequently, Warm up for ten to fifteen minutes before moving onto the green.

Be Physically Top Fit

You do not have to be especially strong to make a long term drive, but an improved wellbeing will carry you through the many hours it will take till the moment of pure zen takes you and you see the correct execution from an out of body experience – according to the experts.

But kidding aside, having enough physical strength won’t ever drain your energy even after you finished swinging that ball into 18 holes. This free time could actually provide you with the opportunity to do more training.

Learning What Centrifugal Force Are

The ball would be lifted into the air and propel it in to the target path if lined up hit is delivered perfectly to the dead center of the ball. For this type of strike to be executed the body and club should carry out a motion in which builds up this centrifugal force and also delivers it to the ball. This twisting movement is quite personal to the individual their height and more.

If you’re able to master the gathering as well as delivery of this force, you could improve the overall performance of your long drive.

Right Gripping

It is also crucial to comprehend the way to hold the club since it assists in developing a “feel” to the make a good position as well as deliver the key shot.

Final Words

Well, it all comes down to how much effort and time you’ve carried out in the training. Something is possible once you’ve place your commitment and persistence to something. The three essential components of the professional golfer is precision, power and also stamina to make many shots. A formidable golf player is there keeping an eye for enhancement and desire for fineness.

By carefully integrating the guidelines and methods pointed out here, you can also join the ranks of the truly greats.